LAB Research Assistant - Summer Internship


At Design By Sol, we’re on a mission to make sure that nobody needs to eat dodgy bacon again and that food is never thrown away before it needs to be. We’re developing an active food packaging solution called Bump Mark, that is able to indicate exactly when your food goes off.

We are developing Bump Mark in collaboration with the University of Chester and are currently looking to recruit a Research Assistant to undertake an internship of three to six months in order to support our Food Research Scientist working in the lab. The ideal start date would be in May 2017, however, this is flexible.


Ideally you’ll be passionate about developing new technologies with the smart use of biochemistry and food science. You will be excited by the prospect of taking on a wide span of tasks. An interest in improving food safety and reducing food waste would help us be friends.


  • Designing methodology for and carrying out pilot lab studies
  • Preparing samples for testing (equipment training will be provided)
  • Analysing and interpreting data
  • Presenting results in reports and powerpoints
  • Exploring and researching iterations for the technology
  • Collating existing research into literature reviews


We think that this role would be suitable for somebody with a degree or background in biochemistry or food science but please get in touch if you come from a different background and are interested in working with hydrogels, proteins and food decay. We love to be proven wrong.


  • Climate change mitigation particularly through food waste reduction
  • Food safety and awareness
  • Hydrocolloid research
  • New product development


Hydrocolloid Research Centre, Institute of Food Science & Innovation, Faculty of Science & Engineering, University of Chester, Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ, United Kingdom. Work hours are typically 9am until 5pm.


If we’ve made your brain itch, please get in touch and send your CV and a bit about your interest in the project to